Planet Lobross

Space Goobers: Mite and Mote (3D printed prototypes)

In a distant galaxy lies the planet Lobross, home to the Lobran species. Mite and Mote are the twin prince and princess of the planet, adventuring about the galaxy learning the ways of other cultures in preparation for the day they ascend to the throne.

Each 2" piece is sculpted in 3D and printed in high resolution photopolymer resin. Due to this, there may be some minor flaws such as very tiny minuscule print lines and what I call "support zits" where the figure was attached to a sprue-like support during printing. Print lines are almost invisible, though can be seen if you look extremely close. Support zits can be easily sanded off.

These are not toys. They are art pieces intended for collectors age 14 and up. Do not give to children due to being made of resin and are a choking hazard.

Figures come unpainted in clear green resin.