Planet Lobross

Children of Otherness, Series 1: The Badlets (3D Printed Prototypes)

Under the veneer of our bright little sunlit world, there is another layer inhabited by those who are touched by The Other. Freaks, abberations, mythical creatures, and humans who just do not fit. These are the Children of Otherness, otherwise known as Otherlings. A hollowed-out sandstone mesa in the new Mexico is haven for a community of such beings. The residents of this mesa call themselves The Badlets.

In this set are four 2" scale figurines:

A sprightly four-armed, four-eyed, gobliny-gremliny... thing who is the assistant to the mesa's mysterious leader and caretaker of the titan Otherling that has been sleeping under the mesa for thousands of years.

Moon-Touched Mack
Mackenzie Kinsky is a human sorceror and who has such an unhealthy obsession with the moon, he had extensive body modification to have his head look like a crescent moon. His mastery of occult magicks makes him one not to be trifled with, especially if you mess with him and his. Ex-boyfriend to, but still good friends with Siouxsie.

Bronar the Barbarian
Encased in a glacier since the First Age of Earth, Bronar is from a now-extinct race of Other-touched anthropomorphic equine beings. Ever since he was un-frozen in the late 80's, he has been a valuable denizen of the mesa, with his amazing strength and battle prowess to protect the Badlets from any outside threat. While amazingly proficient with swords and axes, he has fallen in love with firearms when introduced to the modern world.

Grim Peeper
Grifter, thief, liar, you name it. This hooded one-eyed creature is not a skeleton, but a strange reptilian creature with six nimble little arms (perfect for stealing things) hidden under his cloak and a thin layer of skin stretched over his bones and muscle. His presence is tolerated at the mesa, but mainly because he knows what lines not to cross, especially since he has nowhere else to go if expelled and a lot of folks outside the mesa would love to see him come to harm or death.

Each piece is sculpted in 3D and printed in high resolution photopolymer resin. Due to this, there may be some minor flaws such as very tiny minuscule print lines and what I call "support zits" where the figure was attached to a sprue-like support during printing. Print lines are almost invisible, though can be seen in the right ligh. Support zits can be easily sanded off.

These are not toys. They are art pieces intended for collectors age 14 and up. Do not give to children due to being made of resin as well as being choking hazards.

Figures come unpainted in clear red resin.